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This music video is a collaboration between myself and singer/songwriter Jane Roman Pitt. We worked together combining her beautiful song, Iowa Gold, with my Iowa Scenic Byway photographs. You can learn more about Jane at

© 2013 Jane Roman Pitt and Kenneth West - For highest quality select 720p HD in player quality setting

This music video is intended solely for noncommercial use promoting the beauty of Iowa and its scenic byways. Use of this music video, including resale or other commercial use is strictly prohibited. This music video may not be reproduced by any means, whether in its entirety or in part, without the written permission of Jane Roman Pitt and Kenneth West.

All Photographs © 2009-2011 Kenneth West, except for the following two photos: Pacific Ocean Photograph © Jeffrey Banke |, and The New York City Uptown Skyline Photograph © Kropic |

Organizations or Individuals interested in licensing this video please contact Ken West